A Commune for Prosperity

Why would you want to invest in your property by turning it into a commune? The question is why wouldn’t you?

There are many benefits in turning your extra property into a student accommodation residence. Especially if your property is located close to a university or centres of tertiary education.

A well-managed property can be a proverbial gold mine when run by a reputable rental agency.

With the majority of on-campus student accommodation facilities chok-a-blok, there is a great need for off-campus residences. If you have a well maintained property with a few bedrooms, it can easily be turned into a house-share arrangement for students.

RENT360 specializes in property management, rentals and student accommodation. The perfect blend for managing your property correctly and professionally as well as sourcing reputable tenants to occupy the premises.

Taking care of the legalities and on-going maintenance is part of the RENT360 package. Which is an investors dream in a largely untapped market.

Based in Johannesburg, RENT360 is right in the hub of the cities tertiary education centre. Currently managing over thirty properties in the following suburbs: Auckland Park, Melville, Westdene, Brixton, Hursthill and Sophiatown. Which are all terrific locations for students who attend WITS, the University of Johannesburg and other institutions.

A Code of Conduct ensures that your property will be looked after and respected by those who stay in it. With precise incoming inspection checklists and background checks a given.

RENT360 also keeps abreast of the latest developments in the rentals and letting laws and the Consumer Protection Act to keep your property a well run business. After all, letting is a business and RENT360 runs it as such.

For more information or if you want to get involved in establishing a commune in Johannesburg, RENT360 is here to help.