Choosing the Right Spot

Let’s face it, living close to your university or college, of choice, is a huge bonus. Which is why it is really important to choose the right accommodation geared for students off-campus.

With traffic in Johannesburg hitting all-time highs, the closer to your final destination the better. It also means that you will spend less time on travelling and more time on the important things; such as studying instead of sitting in a jam.

A safe and secure suburb adds to your general well-being and peace of mind. It will also give your folks less headaches and they will be more likely to help foot the rent bill.

Which is why a company like RENT360 gives you the right options you need when looking for a place to stay while studying. Whether you are at the University of Johannesburg, WITS or any of the other tertiary institutions in central Johannesburg, they have the right digs at affordable rates.

Auckland Park, Melville, Westdene, Brixton, Hursthill and Sophiatown are all prime real estate areas because they are really close to the universities, public transport systems and popular hangouts.

RENT360 specializes in these geographical locations. Their experience and expertise in the property industry is second to none. They will let you know what is available, take you out to view at the property and take care of all the nitty gritty’s like the lease.

Living in a healthy environment is so vital to your development. Especially for those of us who have never been ”out of home” before which is why Rent 360 gives you a place to grow, enjoy yourself and get some rest with fully equipped single rooms and all the necessary communal amenities to make your new student accommodation a home. There are also house-share and room sharing options.

Rent 360 are accredited with NSFAS and have been in the property market for over a decade.

Don’t let the daunting task of finding a place to stay bother you. RENT360 manages over thirty properties in Johannesburg and offer students accommodation in the great locations.

It’s what they do.