Harsh Climates for Students

We all find ourselves in tough economic times. Not just students who rely on the National  Student Financial Aid Scheme, but also landlords who are seen as plush and plump and set. for. life. However the reality is much harsher. There are very few South Africans who are in the fortunate position to throw caution to the proverbial wind and ignore the harsh economic climate we find ourselves in.

As a property manager I can see how the hustle for financial stability crosses all ages, statuses and cultures. Everyone is looking for something; one-thing; anything, that will give them financial hope. I try instill in my tenants (most of which are students) that there is no quick-fix. A lot of them are budding entrepreneurs; selling loyalty programs, cleaning products, offering promotions. It’s quite impressive actually. I encourage them to be truly aware that there is no “quick buck”. Everything worthwhile takes time. Money included. Commitment is key to success. And freedom.

Landlords and property owners know this all too well. You don’t just buy property and think you can quit your job. If only return on investment was that easy! It’s important to watch trends and see that you are on the right track. All to often students come into my office and say “Yoh, property, I want to own property too, it’s good money”. And I tell them, yes it is. But it’s not fast money. And it’s not easy money. And sometimes it’s more, and sometimes it’s less. According to an article in NEWS24, this year will be a good year for the housing market.

In this super, hyper linked society that we live in it’s important to exchange knowledge, ideas and thoughts. It contributes to progress. Especially in the volatile and vulnerable society we live in. I enjoy talking to my clients, tenants and owners. It breaks down the notion that “this life is only happening to me”. That, in this instance, I am the only one experiencing the harshness of these financial times. That is not the case, we all are facing it together. Let’s share ideas and thoughts and cross this acidic situation collaboratively.