The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

When looking for student accommodation in 2017 one of the foremost things to do is to look for a place which is not only managed in a professional way but also to have a good landlord.

Things break. That’s a fact. The upkeep of a property and it’s maintenance is vitally important. Let’s say the geyser bursts you would want it fixed as quickly as possible right? Yes.

How do you know that the digz which you want to move into next year are owned by a good landlord? Well, there are many tell tale signs. First of all is everything clean? Seems simple enough but someone who owns and cares about their property and not only about the income it receives will keep it clean.

When having a look at the house or building in which you are planning to call home next year, check that the lights work and there are no blown globes. Does the toilet flush properly and how’s the water pressure in the shower?

All of this points to how efficiently problems will be dealt with in the future. Properties are an investment for some but for those of us who want to rent one of them next year; you want to be sure that their is someone on the other end of the line when you need them.

Landlords also need help. Which is why property rental companies are an important link between you, the tenant and the owner of the property.

RENT360 is just that type of company. They ensure that landlords uphold their side of the bargain and because they specialize in student accommodation, they specialize in students. Their needs and what makes them feel at home.

Good property management is part of the RENT360 ethos; happy tenants means happy landlords. Getting things done when they need to be sorted.  When you rent with RENT360, you can be assured that your rent money means that your landlord has been vetted and your stay will be a pleasant one.