Student Accommodation Checklist

Choosing your student accommodation can involve more than just finding the cheapest possible digs which are as close as humanely possible to the lecture hall.

Here are a couple of tips to make it more memorable and comfortable:

Choose Recommended Accommodation

Universities and other tertiary institutions often have a list of recommended off-campus accommodation. This is one sure fire way of knowing beforehand that you will be dealing with a reputable landlord, the rental prices are market-related and that the accommodation is suitable for your student requirements.

Safe & Secure

Considering that this may be the first time that you are not living at home, the safety and security of the student accommodation should be high on the list so that you not only feel safe at night but also to keep your personal belongings safe and this will give your folks peace of mind too!

Value for Money

Look for accommodation which is fully kitted out with all of the conveniences of home. White appliances (fridge, washing machine, etc.), cooking appliances & utensils, a desk, bed and ample cupboard space is vital. This will save you from having to invest in the things which you don’t really want to spend money on and will make you feel more at home.

The Closer the Better

Student accommodation located close to your chosen campus is very important. This will save time getting to and from class. If you don’t have your own transport, do some research that the accommodation is close to public transport systems or even in walking distance from the university as well as to recreational centres.

Clean & Comfortable

Being in a clean and comfortable environment makes studying more productive and spending time at the digs more home-like. Find out how often your place will be cleaned and what the options are regarding that. Also, when looking at the accommodation for the first time, note the cleanliness and the state that the place is in and ask yourself, do you see yourself staying here, before signing on the dotted line.

Lifestyle Options

There is more to being a student than just studying. There are many other factors, such as, making new friends, going out, playing sport, experiencing new experiences and learning about yourself. Make certain that your new accommodation is close to areas and places where you can make the most of your time as a student and don’t become isolated, whether that be night-life, sports or gym facilities.


Find out what tech options are offered by the student accommodation, which may include WI-FI which will assist in not only keeping in touch with family and friends but will also offer internet to do research for assignments.

Keeping these ideas in mind when choosing the right student accommodation will add a lot of value to your time as a student and will keep you safe, comfortable and ready to make the most of each new day as a student.

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