Tips for Choosing Student Accommodation

Getting your child ready for university may seem daunting at first and then stressing to get everything done straight after they have passed matric.

One of the first things to do is finding the right student accommodation, once they have been accepted to study at a university which isn’t close to home. Universities don’t have enough accommodation for all of the students so it falls on the parents to find suitable accommodation for them to stay and study.

There is a lot more to deciding on your choice of student accommodation than just the price tag of a place within close proximity of the university. Rent 360 offers invaluable advice to make it easier to identify the best possible location.

If you want to use a property management company which specialises in student accommodation, make certain that they are accredited by the university which your child will be attending, that the rental is market-related and the accommodation is suitable & comfortable.

Your child should feel as safe when they’re in their residence as they do when they’re at home – so ensure that there is suitable security measures in place, such as burglar bars, security gates and possibly even a security person on duty if it is a complex of sorts.

Look around for the best value and realise that the cheapest may not always be the best route to follow. Consider all of the possible expenses and make your decision from there. Furnished accommodation means that you don’t need to fork out for major appliances, cupboards and beds as well as kitchen items.

Accommodation as close as possible to the university is always the best because it requires less travelling time and may offer various methods of public transport or be in walking distance if they don’t have a motor vehicle.

Students, like everyone else, want to be comfortable, so enquire whether the accommodation offers cleaning on a regular basis and laundry facilities. Also that there is ample cupboard space and that the toilet flushes properly.

Even though their time spent in their living quarters should be dedicated to studying, students also need leisure time and to unwind. See what is offered in terms of common rooms and what is close by such as shopping centers and entertainment offerings.

Students also require fuel for their bodies and minds. Does the potential accommodation offer catering or are there adequate cooking facilities for them to use so that they get the necessary nutrition.

Access to technology such as WiFi is becoming increasingly important for the obvious reason that students spend more time online to complete assignments and research than they would have in a library in days gone by. 

When choosing student accommodation, there is a lot more to ponder than just an available bed and desk so making the right choice can make the difference between a students failure and success.

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