Top Student Holiday Spots

Whether you had a good or bad year at varsity, going on this trip is a must. Be sure you’ve got your camera ready for your South African holiday. In a country with phenomenal wildlife, exquisite coastlines, world-class golfing, and a rich blend of cuisine and art and culture.

Do you know the best student hotspots in South Africa? The country is full of fantastic destinations for student vacations, but some are definitely more popular than others. Check out which luggage sets are the best for such adventures and start packing right away. Here are the top four student destinations you can visit this summer.


This town is seriously well endowed when it comes to beaches and fun in the sun. Many people assume Ballito just has one beach when in fact there are many to choose from in the area. If you know where to look, you’ll be spoiled for choice and there’s always somewhere that you can escape the crowds. When the wind whips up, many go home, but for the hard adrenaline junkies, kitesurfing is the ideal way to clear the head, raise the heart rate and have some jolly good fun.

This has been a favourite student holiday destination for years. Come holiday time, particularly during summer, students from KwaZulu-Natal, Gauteng and other provinces descend upon Ballito for weeks of sun, sand, surf and partying. Cheap self-catering beachfront accommodation and easy walking distances to shopping malls and entertainment venues make Ballito an obvious choice for a student vacation. Walking from accommodation to parties and back again avoids the need to drive – a good thing as it keeps tipsy drivers off the roads.


Without a doubt, the number one thing to do in Umhlanga is spend time on the beach. Whether you want to enjoy the warm water, catch some sun, run off some energy or just relax after a long varsity year, Umhlanga’s main beach is the place to be. You can even take a hike in the beautiful piece of the wilderness of the mouth of the Ohlanga River. The trail will take you through a cool coastline forest, across the lagoon and then to the beach. Along the trail, keep your eyes open for indigenous birds and other wildlife.

Located on the east coast, just north of Durban, this is a place you must visit. Umhlanga is 20 minutes south of Ballito and offers a similar small-town, beach holiday type atmosphere. The old Umhlanga town center is a little village practically on the shoreline, perfect for easy access to beaches, beachfront accommodation and shops.


Your first stop should definitely be Margate blue flag beach. Then perhaps a trip just 40 km inland to the amazing Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve, and the Lake Eland Game Reserve. If the weather doesn’t look too good for the beach, have a look at where to shop in Margate.

This is one of the South Coast’s most popular coastal towns and a great place for a student vacation. During the holidays the town is packed with young people taking advantage of the affordable accommodation, spacious beach and festive holiday events. As with Ballito and Umhlanga, Margate is easily navigable by foot which is far more convenient than getting stuck in traffic. The beach hosts beach festivals with sports, competitions, music and student-focused activities for entertainment.

Plettenberg Bay

This is a student hotspot due to its beautiful beaches, warm Indian Ocean waters and climate. Plett is also known for its leisure and recreation. The area offers an excellent variety of sports and leisure activities and all the attractions of the Garden Route. It’s no wonder it’s a top choice with students. Other draw cards include the fabulous local restaurants, Mampoer and Witblits Distillery and Bloukrans – the highest commercial bungee jump in the world.

Plett is famous for its long unspoiled beaches, sparkling clean ocean, whales, dolphins, seals, forests and mountains. And thanks to the outstanding beauty of the surrounds and relatively undeveloped nature of the area, Plett is a favourite holiday destination for both South Africans and international visitors. The area is famous for a number of activities, some of which are unique to the area and many of which define the character of the area – such as close encounter whale watching. This fascinating place is a growing town, with a growing population and ever more things to do at night, from sporting events to live bands, art workshops and dance party events featuring famous DJs.

There you have it. South Africa’s four top student hotspots. Where will you be heading off? Get your friends and roommates and go on a once in a lifetime adventure you’ll never forget.

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