How has Lockdown Affected Your Final Year of University?

A university degree should build towards the summer term of the final year, when all those essays and tests culminate in a lot of stress, a few massive exams and then some even bigger parties before one long summer, perhaps the last expanse of time young people enjoy before they enter the world of work. But that has not been the case for the class of 2020. Classes, exams, celebrations and even graduation ceremonies have all been upended by coronavirus.

If you are in your final year at university, we want to hear from you. What have the past few weeks been like? How has being in lockdown affected your studies and wider university life? Were your final exams and grades affected? Will your graduation ceremony go ahead as planned? And when will you be given the chance to say goodbye to your friends?

Overall, how has this affected your university experience? Do you feel entitled to a refund on your tuition fees? And how do you feel about what lies ahead? If you are planning to apply for jobs in the summer, are you worried about the state of the economy?

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