Student Funding Struggles

What a start to 2015 it has been so far! With the National Student Financial Aid Scheme, struggling to support all the thousands and thousands of students in dire need of funding, it has been quite a feat to navigate and literally, accommodate, students.

Being a property management company in the Westdene, Melville, Auckland Park, Sophiatown, Univeristy of Johannesburg area, we meet students and people from all walks and back grounds. It was quite a roller coaster to see how some students got NSFAS approval, while others didn’t. From an outside perspective there seemed to be a lot of inconsistency as to who received funding, who didn’t and those who did get; how much funding they actually received.

The lack of consistency further enhanced the confusion and upheaval felt by all students. Approvals came late, funding is choked and in some instances, some students are still waiting for their money to clear.

Despite the pandemonium, RENT 360 has endeavoured to give all our NSFAS students the best accommodation possible. We have not always had guarantees from the university as to the amount that will be paid for some students. However we have seen that these young blooming adults are in of assistance and so we have done so as much as we can to assist them while their funding is sorted out.

Let’s hope that more efficient systems and processes will be implemented for the 2016 intake. And let’s tell everyone in South Africa, even if they don’t want to hear it, that NSFAS needs more funding!

Fin24 wrote a great article about it!