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We have a decade of property management well entrenched into our DNA. So here at RENT360 we have all bases covered.

What We Offer

RENT360 is an accredited & registered provider of student accommodation.


We offer student accommodation .


A turnkey solution for property owners.


Houses, cottages, bachelors and flats.


Quick turnaround for maintenance issues.


We are accredited with NSFAS.

Our Company

RENT360 is perfect combination of experience and energy. Our team is a balance of maturity, with a fresh, dynamic quality. Much like a good bottle of red wine.

RENT360 is as its name says three hundred and sixty – a full management solution for both tenants and property owners

We have a decade of property management well entrenched into our DNA. So here at RENT360 we have all bases covered. We are a consciously aware company that understands the dynamics of tenant/landlord relationships. This already delicate relationship has other elements that complicate it: tenants who are students transitioning into adulthood and so lots of guidance and patience need to be exercised. Community groups also feel that students may affect their suburbs. And there is a range of other complexities. As the management company we address these issues and others in open, honest and communicative ways.

We engage with the different forums and groups around the areas that we manage. This includes commune and landlords forums, Westdene Community Patrol and we actively participate in other community initiatives.

Tenants are vetted as assessed and then placed in suitable accommodation. That’s so the landlords can feel confident in who we’re allowing to nest in their house. Simultaneously it helps our existing tenants feel comfortable and secure with all the house-sharers.

We know how important ‘the look’ is in this day and age. With every person being the next trendsetter and fashionista, we understand the importance of the aesthetic of the place. All our properties are well manicured, nipped, tucked and groomed. Our ‘old Joburg’ houses situated in and around the Westdene and Sophiatown areas are a collaboration of authentic vintage and new age design.

We’re the middle man. The in-between. The go-between We got the interests of both our clients: landlords and tenants. Every lock has it’s key and we know where they fit.

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