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RENT360 is a dedicated property management company. Our primary focus is your house, flat or commune. This is a full time job.

As a property management company we realize the intricacies involved in letting out property.

That is why we understand the deliberation and consideration taken by landlords and property owners when choosing whom best to represent them.

RENT360 is a dedicated property management company. Our primary focus is your house, flat or commune. This is a full time job. Property owners often start off feeling like they can handle the running of their property themselves as well as work their full time job, keep up the family life and be socially active. However in this day and age, most of us are stretched. And so a property owner must then seek a manager who they trust and who represents what they want their house.

RENT360’s core competency is managing accommodation. Specifically we specialize in student accommodation, which has it’s own set of rules and regulations. We are helping to shape the future of this industry.

As one of our landlords there are certain legal criteria’s that one needs to meet. By meeting all standards of compliance both by the different universities and the City of Johannesburg we are able to maximize the return of investment for landlords.  We are highly skilled in managing communes. If you, as a private investor, have invested in a house or flat and are looking for a management company, RENT360 is the answer.

We are knowledgeable, informed and reliable when it comes to all the latest information out there about rentals, letting, leases and the Consumer Protection Act.

As a landlord who is part of Rent 360 you can rest assured that:

  • Our lease is comprehensive, fair and reasonable.
  • The code of conduct signed by all tenants is upheld
  • An inspection sheet is signed when entering properties.
  • Maintenance and cleaning are doing regularly

Some of our other specialized focuses, when it comes the collection and management of property are:

  • We service property owners with 100 beds or 5 beds. There is no portfolio too big or too small.
  • In-depth reporting facilities
  • Multiple payment solutions including debit order and credit card machine.
  • SMS reminders
  • Affiliation to reputable attorneys
  • Linked to architects and town planners
  • Access to pre-paid meters for electricity
  • December/January solutions
  • Cleaning and maintenance services

We are also active, responsible citizens and community members in the areas that we specialize in:

Westdene, Sophiatown, Brixton, Hursthill, Melville and Auckland Park.

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