15 Reasons Why You Should NOT Leave South Africa

Ok with everything going on in the country lately many people will probably consider leaving. The devaluation of the rand is going to hit South African hard! So if you are considering leaving for greener pastures like Europe, Australia or America- then go for it. But this is for all the people who would like to stay and wait it out.

So here it goes…

1. There is nowhere is the world that you can mix that many languages up in one sentence and people will still understand you.

2. There is no other country in the world that will ever understand our phrase ‘now now’ or ‘just now’.

3. There is no other country that can joke about having 3 finance ministers in 4 days!

4.Cape town honesty has the best fish and chips shops in the world.

5. You will miss biltong!

6. You will miss Wimpy’s breakfasts and coffees along with Spur’s burgers.

7. If you leave South Africa you will most probably have to start pumping your own petrol.

8. You can’t have a game park with the big five in it anywhere else in the world.

9. South African has some of the best wines in the world!

10. Nowhere else in the world does ‘ya, nee’ make any sense.

11. South Africans can make a joke of anything from load shedding to Zuma.

12. Nowhere else can you find Ostrich meat in the supermarket.

13. People come and fetch your shopping trolley after you have been shopping. In Europe and Australia you need to take it back yourself.

14. You have a braai every weekend – even in winter.

15. Only South Africans know that you go at a green robot and stop at a red robot.

Source – news24.com